Buffalo Breeds

Kundhi buffaloes are found throughout Sindh, particularly on both sides of the Indus river from Kashmore in the north to Shah Bandar in the south on the coast of the Arabian Sea.

Physical Characteristics:

  • * These are massive, jet-black animals.
  • * Their horns are broad at the base and taper upward and inward, giving them a fishhook shape, hence the name `Kundhi’.
  • * Round horns are considered undesirable in this breed.
  • * They have a broad forehead, short neck, and medium-sized ears.
  • * They have large, strong udders.
  • * The average age at maturity is 30 months in males and 36 months in females.
  • * Adult males weigh 500-600 kg, and females 300-400 kg.
  • * The milk yield per lactation is 1700-2200 litres with over 6.5% butter fat.


Kundhi Buffaloes